Packing for Ireland in September

I prefer not to check luggage when I travel.  I pack a carry on and a personal item, which means limited space for clothing.  Any and every source will recommend packing interchangeable items that can create multiple outfits, and of course you want to view the weather forecasts for your destination.  But, I thought it might be useful to share exactly what I wore during my 9ish days in Ireland, because even with my precautions I still didn’t wear everything I brought.  This might be a silly post, or it might be useful.  Hopefully the latter.  Enjoy!

  • Apex Flex GTX Rainjacket by The North Face
  • Purple scarf
  • Black cami tank top
  • Tan cami tank top
  • Black v-neck t-shirt
  • Grey turtleneck
  • Black long sleeved, long torso shirt
  • Blue baggy, long torso knit jumper
  • Burgundy 3/4 sleeve top
  • Black athletic leggings (mid-calf)
  • Grey athletic leggings (mid-calf)
  • Jeans
  • Black tights
  • Long sleeved dress
  • Pajamas
  • Undergarments
  • Socks (I only packed ankle socks and on a few cold days I wore two pairs, but I ended up purchasing a pair of wool socks as well, which I wore a few times)
  • Vans Era shoes

These are the clothing items I packed, but did not end up wearing.  There are a couple items* from this list that I did end up wearing in London – the weather there was surprisingly much warmer than in Ireland.

  • Taupe cardigan*
  • Grey cami tank top
  • Light grey v-neck t-shirt
  • Black loose fit top
  • Comfy graphic tee*
  • Olive green heat tech long sleeved shirt
  • Black legging style slacks
  • Maxi skirt
  • Black flats

The two items I angsted over were my raincoat and shoe choices, and I’ve linked mine here because I was immensely pleased with my decisions.  I wanted to find a jacket that would be completely waterproof, slim fitted and attractive in style (otherwise I would never want to wear it), breathable so I wouldn’t get too warm in it, and made of flexible material so that in the future I could go hiking or biking in it without being bogged down.  The Apex Flex GTX kept me completely dry in all of the rain, was stylish enough to wear every day with every outfit, and was very comfortable all around.  When it came to shoes I wanted to bring a pair that would be comfortable enough for all-day walking, stylish enough to go with any outfit, and made of material that would keep my feet warm and dry.  I had originally planned to bring my waterproof hiking boots, but they are very heavy and don’t style well with most casual around-town outfits.  My Vans are plenty comfortable for hours of walking (though they might not be my choice for a trip that would have included hikes), they are super cute, and because they are canvas rather than a light or mesh material like most athletic shoes, they kept my feet dry and relatively warm.