ICU Campus

Library Tour

This is a long, extensive, and boring tour of the library.  I figured someone out there may be interested in seeing it, so I filmed it.  The library is multiple stories and has a lot in it, so it took me a while.  I began filming from the entrance/exit of D-Kan because: 1. I had […]

Honkan Tour

This is a tour of Honkan, the main building for classrooms.  There are a couple other buildings that have classrooms in them, but they are specifically for certain subjects (such as science).  One thing I forgot to mention in the tour was that the UC center for UC exchange students is located on the second […]

D-Kan and Bookstore

As promised, I have returned to give some final information about ICU.  I have a few tours of various parts of the campus that I will be uploading.  The first is a tour of “D-Kan,” meaning D building.  D-Kan is right next to the post office, in the middle of the campus, and has a […]

A Day In My Life

I filmed this a while ago (October 20th, to be exact) so my daily life is different now.  But, my video camera records in .MOV, which is a completely useless file type unless you have a Mac computer, so I have been figuring out how to convert them up until now.  But, converting the files […]

Campus Pictures: Entrance

   All of the trees in the third picture will bloom with sakura (cherry blossoms) in the Springtime.  The fourth and fifth picture are of the main bus stops (there are two bus stop areas: right outside the front entrance, about a 30 second walk from the first two pictures, and the closer one that […]

I’m a Bad Tour Guide

Note: There is a quicker way to get to Musashisakai Station than this, but I didn’t know about it when I made this post.  This is the easiest way to get there because you only have to make one turn, but if you are at ICU, ask someone to show you the quicker way and […]

Death Traps and Nekos and Travel. Oh, my!

Today was a true adventure.We took our placement exams this morning, and most people here seem to be on a similar level, give or take.  I, personally, was able to answer probably half of the questions, total.  The exam was three parts: 45 min, 35 min, and 30 min each.  Our placements will be posted […]