Hi, my name is Alysse.  My upbringing taught me to cherish nature, appreciate simplicity, value what I have, and be aware of the energy I put into the world. I am a daydreamer, a wanderluster, a minimalist, a soon-to-be vandweller, and a girl who just can’t seem to sit still.

I spent my 20th year of life studying abroad in Japan, and it was by far the most terrifying, exhilarating, and educational experience I had ever had. I created this blog (formerly titled “Alysse Abroad”) in order to document my adventures during this time and to provide resources and information for others looking into similar adventures. [Please excuse the horrible quality of my earlier posts and videos, by the way.]

At 25 years old, I decided that I wanted more. I couldn’t sit around and accept that the peak year of my life had gone and went; I needed to chase more adventures and enrich my life with as much travel and culture as I could manage. I began planning vacations to new countries and beautiful places, but it still didn’t seem like enough. So I decided to buy a van and turn every day into an adventure.

Come with me as I take the leap into a nomadic life. I will be researching the van life, documenting my trials and errors, converting my vehicle with no prior related experience, documenting my new life, and sharing all of my travels in between.

Take a look at this map to see all the places I have been, some places I want to see, and where I am scheduled to go soon.