Typhoon Shmyphoon

Apparently typhoons are a big deal.  They cause a lot of rain and wind and more rain, and people in Japan don’t like the weather, so typhoons are drastic.  Japanese people like to carry umbrellas with them to protect them from the sun, from the rain, from the wind, from the clouds, and from asteroids, so when a typhoon hits, you can only imagine how many umbrellas are out.  But this is the third typhoon I’ve experienced and not once has one brought about more rain than California gets during winter time.  But, I suppose I can give typhoons a thumbs up, because typhoon translates to “a possibility that there will be so much wind that the trains will blow off the tracks, so all trains must stop, and since trains are the main mode of transportation in Japan, all classes, part time jobs, and other transportation-necessary events must be canceled, giving Alysse a day off.”
So, it’s raining here, and I get to sit inside wearing my sweat pants and slippers, being a very happy camper.