The In-Between

I never was very good at posting regularly, even back in Japan.  I had forgotten about that, until I went back and looked through old videos and posts and saw how often an apology graced my opening sentences.

I’m not here to apologize, but it really is crazy how fast time can fly, even when you are simplifying the hell out of your life.  I never even got around to finishing my Ireland posts, which is kind of a bummer, but I may still do some kind of reflective recap.

I have been technically houseless for 2 months now, and it has been really great.  I sleep at my mom’s house most nights, but occasionally crash with a friend.  I have gone in to my storage unit a couple of times for some items, but for the most part I am still living off of what is in my car.  I keep meaning to do a little car setup tour, so be on the lookout for that.

Now that the holidays are wrapping up I will be looking at vans again.  In just two months rent-free I have been able to up my savings a ton, which means I won’t need to sell my car right away to afford the van.  I have a 2010 Toyota Rav4 and I have always loved her.  I bought her in October of 2014 and she has never failed me.  I liked the Rav4 because it’s small enough to get good mpg, but large enough for camping in.  She’s a zippy little car, too.  I love the way she drives and no matter where I take her or how I use her space she is always just right for the job.  Spending even more time than usual with her has made it really difficult to know that I will need to part with her eventually.  Hopefully I can sell her to a friend or something.

Lava has been staying with my good friend, James.  James lives half way between my workplace and my mom’s place, so it’s convenient for me to visit and feed Lava.  Plus, James is one of my best friends so it’s nice to have an excuse to hang out more.  We were having trouble keeping Lava’s temperature up for a while.  He has always had the same heat lamp, and I have always switched between a 50 watt and 75 watt bulb depending on the season.  The 75 has always been plenty for the colder months, but once we put his tank in James’ house the temp would not surpass 80°, even when I got a 100 watt bulb, and tried a new heat lamp.  We finally decided to just use both heat lamps, and he is finally a toasty little noodle.

Life continues to be incredibly busy, but I do notice that I have been focusing more on enjoying my time already.  Having my entire closet, bathroom, and a makeshift bed with me at all times means I never have to worry about going anywhere at any time.

Since my mom’s is so close to the ocean I have definitely been spending more time at the beach.  Plus, her neighbor is teaching me to skate!  I started doing a little bit of yoga, and I fell in love with a new local hippie juice spot with the most charming owner/team.  I also finally started playing D&D, which fulfills a childhood dream of mine and helps fill the small video game void that comes with not having a computer anymore.  I recently had a thought, that you can only do so much to plant new opportunities into your life.  Placing yourself in new situations opens up doors you never would have thought to look for otherwise.  Becoming stagnant is an inevitable byproduct of getting comfortable.

Oh, I also just purchased my ticket to Chile!  I pinky promise to blog about that trip in real-time.  I will be visiting a friend from high school who lives there.  I’m pretty stoked that I’ll have a local to show me all the good spots.  My only real plans are to go on a beautiful hike and to try local craft beer.  It’s really incredible how easy travel can be when you make it a priority.  I travel to see new cultures and try new things.  I don’t have to fit in any particular sights; it’s low maintenance and so refreshing.  Plus, when travel is a priority it’s easy to save up for a plane ticket because OBVIOUSLY I want to go to Chile more than I want to go out to eat.

Like I said, life is crazy busy, but also crazy wonderful.  I really feel like I am in control of my time, and I breathe so easily.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and I urge you to take some time before the new year to do something that lights a fire in your soul, even if you can only devote an hour.  Go for a walk with no destination, stop by a park on your way home from work and spend time on the swings, head down to the beach to put your toes in the sand, strike up a conversation with someone new, buy yourself flowers, whatever you need in your life.  And always remember to breathe.