The Bare Necessities

I’ve gotten rid of everything I don’t love or need, and I’ve put all except the bare necessities into storage.  Big thanks to my mom and friends for helping me hoist my furniture and almost everything I own down my apartment stairs, into a truck and two SUVs, back out of the vehicles, and up the stairs into my storage unit.  Also, big thanks to the electric company for accidentally shutting off the power at my storage unit yesterday, thus rendering the lift unusable and giving us the pleasure of carrying everything upstairs.  Ha!

Today is my first day of true simplicity, and I’m really reveling in it.  I woke up in my makeshift bed of blankets and a sleeping pad and pulled out my snake to hang out.  It’s nice to watch him roam around my empty room and not have to worry about what sort of things he may get stuck behind or wrapped around, since there’s nothing in here.  Another point for simplicity!  I’ll admit I’m a little sad, because today is the day I transport my adorable noodle to a friend’s house.  Next weekend I will be leaving my apartment for good and staying with my mom for the holidays.  She has two cats, a very rowdy dog, and a small, cozy home.  None of these factors make it an ideal place to house Lava, but my friend lives close by and I will be visiting him and Lava on a regular basis.  I needed to write a note for my friend for reference on basic care for Lava, and I am using a storage bin lid as a writing surface while I hang out with my snake.  I’m also writing this post on my phone because my computer has been stored away.  It’s nice to really see how little I need.

Today is the first day in months that has belonged entirely to me, too.  It doesn’t belong to my job, it doesn’t belong to my stuff, and it doesn’t belong to society.  Today belongs to me from start to finish.  I set no alarms, I am under no particular time constraints, and the only people I will interact with today are the people I love.  I’m writing and reading first thing, which are some of my favorite activities.  In a bit I’ll gather Lava and all his essentials into my car, stop off to buy some ingredients for salsa, head to my friend’s to set Lava up, and give him some garden pots for future pepper plants in his garden.  Then we will be making salsa with his home grown peppers and hanging out until around 2PM, when we will go play board games with a group of more people I love.  Around 6 or 7, I will leave and meet up with (you guessed it) more amazing humans, and we will be going to a haunted house.  This is what life is supposed to be like.

Today, I can finally breathe.