Cell Phone

Just so you all know, I won’t be getting a phone until I’m 20.  The way it works here is you can’t get your own phone until you are a legal adult (20) unless your mom or dad comes in to set it up with you.  So, mom, dad, unless you plan to head over […]

Death Traps and Nekos and Travel. Oh, my!

Today was a true adventure.We took our placement exams this morning, and most people here seem to be on a similar level, give or take.  I, personally, was able to answer probably half of the questions, total.  The exam was three parts: 45 min, 35 min, and 30 min each.  Our placements will be posted […]


We were told that rush hour is “hell” to be in (yes, he said “hell”) so we’re waiting to head out until 9:00, and even though I already posted recently, I figured I would post again, because nobody can stop me!We went to the complimentary breakfast at our hotel, and, essentially, Japan rocks.  For breakfast […]

It Begins…

It is 3:30 am here in Tokyo, Japan, and I absolutely can not sleep.  But, how about I start from the beginning and fill you in on my travels to get here, first?The plane ride was about 11 to 12 hours, and it was a roller coaster for me.  I spent the entire flight switching […]