From Maids to Volcanoes

As promised, I’m here to fill you in on my trip to a maid cafe.Maid cafes are… well… cafes, and they are staffed by girls dressed as maids.  They are supposed to have a very cutesy feel to them, and the service is supposed to be very hands on and equally cutesy.  I went with […]

Pregnant Fish and a Mountain of Memories

I ate a pregnant fish today. It was actually quite tasty.  My friend, Kaori, gave me one, and I was hesitant because it was a full fish, from head to fin, but once I got over the fact that I was, in fact, chewing on a head, I noticed the pleasant taste.  I wonder what […]

A Day In My Life

I filmed this a while ago (October 20th, to be exact) so my daily life is different now.  But, my video camera records in .MOV, which is a completely useless file type unless you have a Mac computer, so I have been figuring out how to convert them up until now.  But, converting the files […]

Winter is Here!

One of the most exciting things about living in Japan for a year, to me, is that I will finally get to experience four full seasons.  Summer was nice, beautiful, much too hot, but enjoyable nonetheless.  Fall has just been a jaw droppingly beautiful thing to experience (I could go on forever about these vibrant […]

Never Forget

On November 25th I got on a bus headed toward Iwate, a coastal prefecture in Northern Japan located half way between the Northernmost part before the Hokkaido island, and Fukushima, where, on March 11th a powerplant encountered many difficulties and became dangerous to the surrounding area.  The city we went to was called Rikuzentakata.  Rikuzentakata is […]

Meals I Can Make: Okonomiyaki

Well, maybe this one should be titled “Meals I Can Almost Make.”  I made okonomiyaki for myself and it almost entirely fell apart when I transferred it onto my plate.  But, I have to say it still tastes absolutely amazing.I coated a pan with olive oil (I think my problem was that I didn’t use […]

Meals I Can Make: Shrimpy Rice

This is an easy meal that I make quite often.  I usually have some rice to make, which in a rice cooker takes 30 minutes, but once I cook it I can save some for microwaving later.  So, as long as I have either some leftover rice or a pre-packaged microwaveable rice dish (they sell […]

Sunset Sky

Tonight Olivia and I caught the last of a beautiful pink and orange sunset sky right above campus.  We ran outside to take pictures/video, and I’m so glad we did because within less than a minute it had gone away.  I thought I would share it with you.

Money: ¥

I thought I would  share with you what exactly Japanese currency looks like, just because.  I’m just going to dive right into it, but first I want to mention a few things worth noting: It’s name: “yen,” however, in Japan we pronounce it “en”The symbol:¥The exchange rate: horrible 1¥ front. 1¥ back. 5¥ front. 5¥ […]