Hey everyone (if there even is anyone out there anymore after this long absence of mine), I spent quite a bit of time filming and editing these videos for you, so watch them please!And I will be back more frequently from now on.

What Not To Do In Japan

Dear world,Please, whatever you do, do not get seriously ill in Japan.  Should you realize one day that you are not feeling quite up to par, you will not receive any real help from the doctors here in Japan.  They will either tell you that you are not ill at all, or that you are […]


Hey all, Alysse here checking in.  It’s finals time, so my butt is in high gear.  Well… it was.  Until I got sick.  But anyway, I’ve blocked myself from Facebook and Youtube, so until next Friday, it’s all books and sleep for me.  I can barely believe nearly 8 of my 12 months have already […]


A couple of weeks ago I went to Yokohama with some friends.  I wanted to go initially just because I hadn’t been and it’s close enough that I don’t really have an excuse to not go before I leave Japan, but far away enough that it’s not Tokyo, so it’s new territory.  Yokohama is a […]

Mostly Irrelevant

These two pictures portray my life right now.I’ll post up some real blogs soon, I’ve just been lazy.You probably don’t realize it, but the first one is incredibly hilarious.  Just trust me.The second one is more comfy.

Are You Tired of My Snow Posts Yet?

It snowed again.  Last Monday Becci came running into my room telling me it was snowing again, so we watched it fall from the windows, and then I went back to homework.  Later, Mariko called me to say it was snowing, and I told her “Yeah, I know, I saw.”  But she said “No, Alysse, […]

Global Warming

Our ball turned out to be a success.  We made about $500 profit and everyone had a lot of fun.The night before the ball we all performed a short dance to each of the dorms, singing to Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” but with our own informative lyrics.  Here are some pictures of that, as […]

Real Snow This Time!

Last night the weather reports all said we would be getting snow starting sometime between midnight and three in the morning.  But we got rain instead.  So I went to bed a bit bummed, and woke up as normal.  But when I looked out my window, this is what I did:P.S. Don’t make fun of […]


Preparing for this ball is a lot of work, but I am having so much fun with it.  I’ve been spending all my time either advertising, decorating, or studying, but the balance is keeping me upbeat.At about 8:30 tonight all the tenants of Global House were drawn from their rooms (even me, on the top […]


Japan has been a little bit like ammonium for me lately.  If you’re subject to smelling ammonium for too long, you’ll lose the ability to sense what smells good, what smells bad, or what smells at all.  Being in Japan I’ve been overwhelmed with highly concentrated necessity and enjoyment to the point that I’ve started […]