Tachikawa Bosaikan

On Wednesday all of the UC exchange students were required to take a trip to Tachikawa Bosaikan, which is a fire station that has a building called the Life Safety Learning Center.  A few guides show you around and you learn all about different possible disasters (notably earthquakes and fires) and how to keep yourself safe.  This is a video of what they offer.  We did the Disaster Education Mini Theater (which was really just a short film about two friends and their families and neighbors in an earthquake, and the aftermath), the Smoke Maze Room (it was surprisingly really difficult since you had to be quiet, cover your mouth, and find your way out of a smoke filled building while not being able to breathe well, see, well, or stand up), and the Earthquake Simulation Room (let’s just say I don’t ever want to experience a real 7.0 earthquake).

Tachikawa Bosaikan had cute elephants as their mascots.