Touch screen menu/ordering system

I went to Shibuya yesterday with Melissa and Eduardo.  It’s essentially the biggest, best, most amazing, drool-worthy, and expensive shopping district ever.  I didn’t take too many pictures, because I was still a little tired from the night before, and I know I’ll be going back sometime.  The shopping areas were the most amazing, but for some reason I didn’t get any pictures.  I promise to in the future.  They have stores upon stores upon stores just crammed into floor upon floor upon floor, with girls screaming at the top of their lungs non stop about all the sales that every single store is having.  If I take a video ever I’ll have to remind you to turn down your volume before you watch it.
At the shopping areas I managed to not buy anything, but Melissa got her phone decorated.  I’ll post a picture later, because it’s just amazingly ridiculous, and I want it.  Haha.
Other than a lot of walking around, we went to eat.  That’s all I have pictures of.
It’s so hot here that they hand out fans (picture) and tissues all over the place with ads.

Melissa bought a magazine, and on one spread I swear it’s depicting one guy, but she swears it’s two.  If it’s two, they must be twins.  Am I crazy?  She says they look totally different but I can’t tell a single difference other than the clothes and that he has his mouth open in one picture.

Also, I had to show you the adorable cakes.  Confectionery shops are just awesome here.

I promise to post something more exciting next time.  I miss and love you all. <3