Real Snow This Time!

Last night the weather reports all said we would be getting snow starting sometime between midnight and three in the morning.  But we got rain instead.  So I went to bed a bit bummed, and woke up as normal.  But when I looked out my window, this is what I did:
P.S. Don’t make fun of me for not being able to make up my mind about whether it’s cold or not.  I know I go from “it’s so cold!” to “it’s not that cold…” to “it’s cold, but not as cold as I expected.”  It was snow.  It blew my mind straight out of order.

I took pictures with Mariko, but she’s sleeping right now so I can’t get them from her just yet.  But I promise that by tomorrow I will have them up here, so if you want to see them, check back!
These are the only two pictures I have:

I’m the only one of us who had never walked to class in the snow before.  Can you tell?
Left to right, Simon is from The Netherlands, Jessica is from Hong Kong, and David is from New York.

The view from the third floor of Honkan.  Stright ahead all the way down that path is the dining commons/Dialogue House (just to give you perspective, if you’ve watched my walking around videos).

Well, tonight is the Global House ball, so I will definitely be taking pictures and I’ll upload my final post about the ball tomorrow when I update this one.  Hopefully people still come, even though it’s snowing.  We made a paper mache snowman for decorations but now we’re going to have a real one, too!!

I’m back!  These are the pictures Mariko took:

Untouched snow, waiting for us!

The first footprints up to Bakayama in the first snow of the year!

I’m looking really attractive here.