Preparing for this ball is a lot of work, but I am having so much fun with it.  I’ve been spending all my time either advertising, decorating, or studying, but the balance is keeping me upbeat.
At about 8:30 tonight all the tenants of Global House were drawn from their rooms (even me, on the top floor at the end of the hall) due to an overwhelming sense that we were suddenly swimming in chemicals.  It turns out that the three spray paint cans worth of paint it took to cover our (amazing) volcano had released enough fumes to fill a four story building.  So we were forced to keep every window open, in 2 degree weather (37 in Fahrenheit).
But now that I’ve thawed back out I can show you some of the awesome decorations we’ve completed!

That’s mary.  The volcano was her idea.

We set the lava mood with a spotlight covered in red cellophane, propped up behind the volcano.

We’re making the entrance room the cold and the actual dance floor the “warming,” so we used blue cellophane to cover the overhead lights and give the room an icy air.

We decorated two overhead lights with red cellophane and a flame cut from cardboard to let in some “warming” light, but still keep it nice and dark.  This was my idea.

The drink team also set up their station.  I had nothing to do with this part.  We’re pretty much having a full blown bar, because one guy who lives in Global House used to be a bartender.  I think they somehow misinterpreted the “warming” theme as “be as crude as possible.”

Well, that’s all the fun for now, but I will definitely do another update when everything is finished, and I’ll post about the event itself, too.  This may not be exciting to many people because you aren’t experiencing it, but this has been consuming my time, and I am happy about it, so just try to bear one or two more posts about it and I’ll be back to talking about strange foods and outings.