Real Snow This Time!

Last night the weather reports all said we would be getting snow starting sometime between midnight and three in the morning.  But we got rain instead.  So I went to bed a bit bummed, and woke up as normal.  But when I looked out my window, this is what I did:P.S. Don’t make fun of […]


Preparing for this ball is a lot of work, but I am having so much fun with it.  I’ve been spending all my time either advertising, decorating, or studying, but the balance is keeping me upbeat.At about 8:30 tonight all the tenants of Global House were drawn from their rooms (even me, on the top […]


Japan has been a little bit like ammonium for me lately.  If you’re subject to smelling ammonium for too long, you’ll lose the ability to sense what smells good, what smells bad, or what smells at all.  Being in Japan I’ve been overwhelmed with highly concentrated necessity and enjoyment to the point that I’ve started […]

From Maids to Volcanoes

As promised, I’m here to fill you in on my trip to a maid cafe.Maid cafes are… well… cafes, and they are staffed by girls dressed as maids.  They are supposed to have a very cutesy feel to them, and the service is supposed to be very hands on and equally cutesy.  I went with […]

Pregnant Fish and a Mountain of Memories

I ate a pregnant fish today. It was actually quite tasty.  My friend, Kaori, gave me one, and I was hesitant because it was a full fish, from head to fin, but once I got over the fact that I was, in fact, chewing on a head, I noticed the pleasant taste.  I wonder what […]

A Day In My Life

I filmed this a while ago (October 20th, to be exact) so my daily life is different now.  But, my video camera records in .MOV, which is a completely useless file type unless you have a Mac computer, so I have been figuring out how to convert them up until now.  But, converting the files […]

Winter is Here!

One of the most exciting things about living in Japan for a year, to me, is that I will finally get to experience four full seasons.  Summer was nice, beautiful, much too hot, but enjoyable nonetheless.  Fall has just been a jaw droppingly beautiful thing to experience (I could go on forever about these vibrant […]

Never Forget

On November 25th I got on a bus headed toward Iwate, a coastal prefecture in Northern Japan located half way between the Northernmost part before the Hokkaido island, and Fukushima, where, on March 11th a powerplant encountered many difficulties and became dangerous to the surrounding area.  The city we went to was called Rikuzentakata.  Rikuzentakata is […]

Meals I Can Make: Okonomiyaki

Well, maybe this one should be titled “Meals I Can Almost Make.”  I made okonomiyaki for myself and it almost entirely fell apart when I transferred it onto my plate.  But, I have to say it still tastes absolutely amazing.I coated a pan with olive oil (I think my problem was that I didn’t use […]

Meals I Can Make: Shrimpy Rice

This is an easy meal that I make quite often.  I usually have some rice to make, which in a rice cooker takes 30 minutes, but once I cook it I can save some for microwaving later.  So, as long as I have either some leftover rice or a pre-packaged microwaveable rice dish (they sell […]