It’s Not All Whimsy

I would like to explore the idea of “wanderlust” and what it truly means, as a movement.  When you think of wanderlust, you probably think of exciting vacations, Tumblr blogs filled with stunning landscape and cityscape images from across the world, airplane tickets and inked-up passport books.  The term invokes an incredible feeling of whimsy, […]

The Mission Revived

This blog has been dormant for too long.  I’ve tried to write a few posts since returning back to America from Japan, but I couldn’t figure out why I never kept up with it.  I love to travel and explore, and I love to write, so what was the problem? When I created this blog […]

10 Items to Improve Your Adventure

aka: Ten Things You Should Definitely Pack, but Might Not Have Thought About In no particular order, all of these items need to find their way into your luggage or backpack no matter what type of adventure you are setting out on.  If you are camping, hiking, backpacking, road tripping, visiting a city, on a […]

Directory: Useful Japan Posts

For those of you who are here in search of information about either ICU or Japan as a whole, below are a few lists of posts that you may find helpful. You can find a complete list of the posts on this blog in the right sidebar, but I assume most of my visitors would […]

Costs, Budgeting, and Money Matters

In this post I will summarize my budget and expenses during my year abroad.  Please note that general living expenses will vary based on a number of things, including the lifestyle of the person, the current exchange rate (during this time -2011 – 2012- it was between 70 and 85 cents to the 100 yen), […]

Library Tour

This is a long, extensive, and boring tour of the library.  I figured someone out there may be interested in seeing it, so I filmed it.  The library is multiple stories and has a lot in it, so it took me a while.  I began filming from the entrance/exit of D-Kan because: 1. I had […]

Honkan Tour

This is a tour of Honkan, the main building for classrooms.  There are a couple other buildings that have classrooms in them, but they are specifically for certain subjects (such as science).  One thing I forgot to mention in the tour was that the UC center for UC exchange students is located on the second […]

D-Kan and Bookstore

As promised, I have returned to give some final information about ICU.  I have a few tours of various parts of the campus that I will be uploading.  The first is a tour of “D-Kan,” meaning D building.  D-Kan is right next to the post office, in the middle of the campus, and has a […]

A Full Circle

As the end of my time here approaches, I’m having mixed feelings.  I remember when I could barely believe I’d been here for a full month, and now I can barely believe I only have one month left. Studying abroad is an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life and then some. […]