Okashi: 1

This will be the first post in a series which I will title “Okashi.”  “Okashi” means “snacks” in Japanese.  They have so many different snacks and drinks here that I love and find very interesting that I thought I would share them with you.  Every so often, when I have gathered enough new products, I will do another post about them.  I have a whole bunch of snacks to share with you this time, and even more coming up.  A very good friend of mine sent me a box of foods, including many snacks and meals.  I haven’t eaten them, yet, but once I do I will post about them.  So, let’s get munching!

These are potato chips.  As most Americans would, I thought they were sour cream and onion (which is what green on the chip bag usually means), but when I got home I realized that the bag clearly says “seaweed salt flavor,” and so I experienced my first seaweed flavored potato chips.  They are quite delicious.  I’m glad my plans to revert back to American snacking were ruined by this treat.
This is the first and only thing I’ve eaten from what Kana sent me, so far.  They are potato chips, also, but are Kyushu soy sauce flavored.  Kyushu is the Southernmost prefecture in Honshu (the biggest island in Japan) and Miyazaki, where Kana lives, is a part of Kyushu.  I don’t know what Kyushu soy sauce is, particularly, but it is delicious.  Oh, and the big pink words say “L Size Bag.”

These cookies are delicious.  They sell them in the Cultural Program Lounge here on campus, and they are quite addicting, though there is nothing particularly Japanese or special about them.
I was craving chocolate one day, so I bought these.  They are chocolate flavored hard candies with a sort of powdery substance inside.  My guess is that it is caramel, but I honestly am not sure.  They’re a nice fix for a chocolate craving.
Now, onto drinks (nomimono).  This is Calpico, or Calpisu.  I knew before I got here that I liked this.  I always have.  It’s actually a soda, but not carbonated.  I’m not sure why it’s marketed as soda even in its non carbonated form, but there is a carbonated version available.  The taste is difficult to describe; it is a milky sweet beverage.

Milk tea is common here, and very yummy.  It’s just tea with a whole lot of milk added.  But, they sell it warm, so I don’t know what kind of milk it is, exactly.

I think this is from the Calipsu brand, but I’m not sure.  I just picked it up at a conbini (convenience store) because I was thirsty, but much to my delight, I found that this little drink tastes like liquid gummy bears.

This is one of the many things sold in vending machines (along with smaller bottles of Calpisu, Milk tea, and other flavors of this drink).  It is a cold coffee drink.  I should try some of the other flavors, but I know I like this one.  Why a cold drink is called Fire I can’t tell you.