Money: ¥

I thought I would  share with you what exactly Japanese currency looks like, just because.  I’m just going to dive right into it, but first I want to mention a few things worth noting:

It’s name: “yen,” however, in Japan we pronounce it “en”
The symbol:¥
The exchange rate: horrible

1¥ front.
1¥ back.
5¥ front.

5¥ back.
10¥ front.

10¥ back.

50¥ front.

50¥ back.

100¥ front.

100¥ back.

500¥ front.

500¥ back.
1,000¥ front.

1,000¥ back.

2,000¥ front.
The Japanese 2,000¥ is like the American $2, in that they aren’t commonly seen and elicit an “ooh, cool!” (or rather 「あ!すごい!」when they do turn up.

2,000¥ back.

5,000¥ front.

5,000¥ back.

10,000¥ front.

10,000¥ back.