Meals I Can Make: Okonomiyaki

Well, maybe this one should be titled “Meals I Can Almost Make.”  I made okonomiyaki for myself and it almost entirely fell apart when I transferred it onto my plate.  But, I have to say it still tastes absolutely amazing.
I coated a pan with olive oil (I think my problem was that I didn’t use enough olive oil) and mixed in a bowl chopped cabbage, sliced red bell pepper, some chicken and onion from when I made my soup, and two whole eggs.  Then I poured the mixture onto the pan and waited for it to cook on one side before flipping it over.  This is where things went a little bit wrong for me, since the egg started burning before it was solid enough to flip, but I flipped it anyway and waited for the other side to cook.  Then I transferred it (well, tried to) onto a plate, and coated it in mayonnaise.  Another amazingly easy meal that is far more delicious than I can express.
I just want to note that mayonnaise in Japan is much different from mayonnaise in America.  It is much lighter and a little bit sweet.  Therefore, covering okonomiyaki in Japanese mayonnaise is an absolute must; it really completes the meal.  But with American mayonnaise, you would have to be much more careful.
What’s great about okonomiyaki is that you can put anything you want or have in the kitchen into the mixture and it will almost always come out tasting great.  And it’s such an easy meal that I was able to cook it and eat it (while writing this) in just enough time to take a quick break from studying.
Now that my stomach is full, it’s time to fill my brain some more!