Making Onigiri

I already posted about onigiri (the rice balls with the seaweed wrapped around them) but now I wanted to show you my own version.  Onigiri are about 100 yen here, give or take.  Sometimes you can find them for as low as 50 in a sale, but sometimes they go up to almost 200 yen.  So, I figured I would just make my own.
A bag of sushi rice costs 500 yen, and makes about 15 cups of rice (one batch of my onigiri uses 2 cups of rice and makes about 6 onigiri).  Four cans of tuna cost 400 yen (I use 2 for a batch) and a pack of 50 pieces of seaweed costs 500 yen (one piece per onigiri; a one time buy).  Also, mayonnaise is a one time buy.
So, once I’ve bought my mayonnaise and seaweed, each onigiri comes out to be less than 50 yen each, and they’re fresh and fun to make!!
Please note: I have no idea how to actually make onigiri.  I just figured this way would work.

2 cups of rice cooked in rice cooker with 2.5 cups of water and salted.  Two cans of tuna, drained, moistened with mayonnaise.  And a package of seaweed.  When rice is done cooking, flatten and cool.

Make sure hands are slightly damp and cut out a square of rice.

Hold rice in slightly cupped hand.

Add filling.

Ball the rice around the filling.

Shape and wrap in seaweed.

Store extras for lunch tomorrow.

Eat some for dinner (and give the 6th one to Kim).