I’m a Bad Tour Guide

Note: There is a quicker way to get to Musashisakai Station than this, but I didn’t know about it when I made this post.  This is the easiest way to get there because you only have to make one turn, but if you are at ICU, ask someone to show you the quicker way and after a few rides you will be able to remember it on your own just fine.

I filmed my journey to the nearest train station, Musashisakai.  I ride my bike there because round trip it is 420 yen, or about $5, and it’s only 2.5 miles, so I save money, get exercise, and get there in about 15 minutes (the same amount of time as the bus).  Unfortunately, my bike ride is bumpier than I thought, so watching these videos in entirety might make you a little bit sea sick.  The first video is from the time I leave my dorm until the only real turn I have to make (you pretty much just go down one street, and then turn onto another, which leads you straight to the station).  The second video is from after I make the turn until I get to the bike parking lot.  Because of the quality and the length, you may just want to click along the video and see bits and pieces of it, but I think Mitaka is a beautiful city, and thought you might enjoy seeing some more of it.
The street that I am riding along in the first video is where I can do a lot of my quick shopping.  Most things are a little bit expensive, but it’s so close.  There is a grocery store, a second hand store, a little-bit-of-everything type store, a few ramen shops, and a whole lot more.  There is better shopping and entertainment at Musashisakai, but if I don’t want to go the whole way, this street is right along the campus and is very convenient.