Global Warming

Our ball turned out to be a success.  We made about $500 profit and everyone had a lot of fun.
The night before the ball we all performed a short dance to each of the dorms, singing to Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” but with our own informative lyrics.  Here are some pictures of that, as well as pictures of our final setting up and then finally, the ball.

Those of us in black were supposed to be pollution.  Then we had animals and a sun.  The robot is just cool, though not a logical addition to the theme.

Advertising as we walked through the dining commons.

Setting up the food area and the bar.

Icy entrance.

Paper mache snowman.

Final volcano with lasers.

The dance floor.

Volcano lasers.

We got a black light to allow the lava to be seen.

We had a smoke machine that blew smoke out the top of the volcano, too.  It refracted the light in really cool ways.

Our bartenders hard at work.

First performance: Taro.

Second performance: “Smooth Steppers” girls who really couldn’t dance.

Third performance: “Smooth Steppers” breakdancers.
Also, can you tell we were sponsored by Red Bull?  We even had two Red Bull girls handing out free Red Bulls.

Final performance: “Smooth Steppers” girls trying to dance to “Burlesque” and failing miserably.

Me and Misa.

Global House members enjoying the space before people showed up.

After the party we took down all the decorations and black coverings, but today since I’m Tsuru Daijin we really truly cleaned Tsuru, scrubbing, trashing, organizing, and redesigning.  Tomorrow is Monday so it’s back to school focus for me, but the rest of the quarter shouldn’t be too stressful.  I’ll talk to you soon!
Matta ne!