From Maids to Volcanoes

As promised, I’m here to fill you in on my trip to a maid cafe.
Maid cafes are… well… cafes, and they are staffed by girls dressed as maids.  They are supposed to have a very cutesy feel to them, and the service is supposed to be very hands on and equally cutesy.  I went with Mariko, Simon, and Evan.
We went to one in Akihabara, which is the most famous nerd city in Japan, known for its stores upon stores of electronics of all kinds, and for otaku, which are stereotypically 30+ year old guys who live with their mothers and stay in their room filled with toys and video games.
Before we went to the cafe we got KFC.  Even though KFC in Japan is a Christmas time tradition and I didn’t get it then, I can at least say I’ve had it.  Then we went to a video game shop and looked around for a bit.  The picture of me on the phone isn’t of any importance, but Mariko had it on her camera, so I decided to add it.  I was trying to understand a guy talking to me in Japanese about a package I had already received.  Obviously I was confused.

Then we headed to the cafe.  When you order your drink and food, you go through a routine with the maid who is serving you that “makes the food more delicious.
Over the food you make hearts with your hands and say “moe” (pronounced moh-eh, meaning love for anime characters, or just cutesiness) and other words I don’t know.  Then the maid pours sugar into your drink and as she stirs it you chant the same kinds of words, including “moe.”
In more expensive maid cafes they also provide various strange services (for those customers who are more into the fantasy side of the experience) but we didn’t feel the need to go to one of those.

They also decorate your food and drink with characters.  They decorated my coffee with Hello Kitty!!  I really don’t know how they could have known that I love her so much.  And  they decorated Simon’s coffee with Gloomy Bear, which is to Mariko as Hello Kitty is to me.  My green tea roll cake was decorated as Rilakkuma, yet another Japanese character that isn’t from anything, Evan’s chocolate cake was decorated with some guy show that I don’t know much about, and Mariko and Simon got generic characters.
Later we all went window shopping, where us girls (including a friend of Mariko’s who we met up with) tried on dresses just because.  Then we went to TGI Friday’s, which is amazing here (pretty much the same as in America) and we had fun coloring.

Fast forward to tonight!
We started the decorations for the Global House Ball, and I thought I would share them with you.
We’re making a paper mache volcano, and we created our own red filtered lights!

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon!