Computerless Travels

As you may have seen, I wasn’t able to finish my first post on my journey, and haven’t been able to get online since.  I had planned to use Kim’s laptop to update my blog, but it ran out of battery on our first night, and she doesn’t own an adaptor.  We have been searching for an adaptor for her, but Japan doesn’t sell America to Japan adaptors anywhere.  The only place we may be able to find them would be in Akihabara, which is the electronics town of Japan in Tokyo (I haven’t been there yet, but apparently it is streets upon streets of all kinds of electronics from everywhere you could imagine, but you have to really search because it is mostly small shops).  Learning this, I’m glad I brought adaptors of my own.  So if you’re coming to Japan from America, bring an adaptor or perish in a life of electronic exile.
I have done so much in the past week that I worry I’ll forget to include half of my adventures in my blogs when I finally get the chance to do them.  We arrived in Oosaka yesterday afternoon, and they have computers here, but they are in Japanese and the keyboards are awkward to use, so trying to put together blogs will be difficult.  Besides, I assume I will be forgiven if I enjoy my travels rather than sit in front of the computer blogging.  We stayed out pretty late last night, so Kim and Erin are still sleeping.  I will probably go wake them up soon so we can start Oosaka day 2.
I’m having a blast here, and I can’t wait to blog about it all.  So until next week, sit tight and know that I miss you.