Mostly Irrelevant

These two pictures portray my life right now.I’ll post up some real blogs soon, I’ve just been lazy.You probably don’t realize it, but the first one is incredibly hilarious.  Just trust me.The second one is more comfy.


Japan has been a little bit like ammonium for me lately.  If you’re subject to smelling ammonium for too long, you’ll lose the ability to sense what smells good, what smells bad, or what smells at all.  Being in Japan I’ve been overwhelmed with highly concentrated necessity and enjoyment to the point that I’ve started […]

Never Forget

On November 25th I got on a bus headed toward Iwate, a coastal prefecture in Northern Japan located half way between the Northernmost part before the Hokkaido island, and Fukushima, where, on March 11th a powerplant encountered many difficulties and became dangerous to the surrounding area.  The city we went to was called Rikuzentakata.  Rikuzentakata is […]

Hisashiburi, ne?

“Hisashiburi” means “it’s been a long time” in Japanese.  “Ne?” is an expression kind of translating to “right?”I’ve gotten back into the swing of college with homework, essays, quizzes (almost daily), and tests, and it’s really sucked up my time.  But I am doing great.The weather has been getting nice here, just the way I […]

Work Hard, Play Hard

It’s a pretty daunting task when you do so many things and don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to keep on top of blogging about it all, and it gets backed up like this.  But it’s time for me to tackle this task and let you know how fun the beginning of my school […]

Japan Takes

In the last two months, I have realized that Japan has taken a lot of things from me, including Mexican food, cheese, good cookies, a car, guilt-free elevator use, and 13 lbs.  A little lesson on cause and effect.

This Is The Life

I am really enjoying my time here, settled into Global House.  I have been in Japan for two months so far, and I have enjoyed every moment of it.  But, during the past two months I have felt like I was on vacation.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being on vacation just as much […]

The End of Chapter One

As the Summer Intensive Language Course came to a close, most people left to go back to their home countries, but a few of us are sticking around for the year.  We had a grueling last three days of class, with an in class essay, then a final exam (mine took 3 hours) and then […]

Addicted to Busy

It is now the fifth day of my official Summer Vacation!  I apologize for not posting anything in so long, but the last week or so of my intensive language course was very busy, causing me to take a few days to sit around in my pajamas and read.  Constantly being busy and then constantly […]