Sunset Sky

Tonight Olivia and I caught the last of a beautiful pink and orange sunset sky right above campus.  We ran outside to take pictures/video, and I’m so glad we did because within less than a minute it had gone away.  I thought I would share it with you.

Okashi: 2 – And Groceries!

Do you remember that post I did way back in the beginning of my Japan adventure called “Okashi”?  Well, here is the next one, as promised.  I went grocery shopping recently and decided to show you everything I bought, in addition to the few okashi pictures I had been saving up.  Some of these things […]

I’ve Squeezed in Some Fun, Too

As I say time and time again, I am kept pretty busy here.  But, being a 20 year old college girl in one of the best cities in one of the best foreign countries with lots of great friends, I have fun when I can.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve done fun stuff […]

Typhoon Shmyphoon

Apparently typhoons are a big deal.  They cause a lot of rain and wind and more rain, and people in Japan don’t like the weather, so typhoons are drastic.  Japanese people like to carry umbrellas with them to protect them from the sun, from the rain, from the wind, from the clouds, and from asteroids, […]

Work Hard, Play Hard

It’s a pretty daunting task when you do so many things and don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to keep on top of blogging about it all, and it gets backed up like this.  But it’s time for me to tackle this task and let you know how fun the beginning of my school […]

The First Day of School

Generally, the first day of school is when students put on their best outfits, so as to start out the year right.  Well, this year we were forced to change that up a little bit.  I introduce my Junior year first-day-of-school look! Today is ganguro/kogal day number one.  I didn’t get the chance to go […]

Excuses, excuses

I’ve been busy again.  Still.  Who’dathunk?I know I’ve been back in Tokyo for 4 days and that I owe what I promise is a lot of fun Kyoto and Osaka stories.  For the first two days I was back I was relaxing in a clean room (oh, how I missed you, hygiene!) and having to […]

Computerless Travels

As you may have seen, I wasn’t able to finish my first post on my journey, and haven’t been able to get online since.  I had planned to use Kim’s laptop to update my blog, but it ran out of battery on our first night, and she doesn’t own an adaptor.  We have been searching […]


After three years I finally got to hang out with Kana again!  When I was a senior in high school Kana came from Japan to America and lived with me for a very short amount of time, but we have kept in contact ever since, and I consider her a good friend (I have reason […]