April Birthdays and Other Happy Happenings

Something I forgot to mention in my video was that starting next week my dorm will be playing a game of Assassins.  So me and my friends decided to make a little movie trailer for it, just for fun (and because we didn’t feel like studying).  The trailer is below the vlog.Keep your fingers crossed […]

Are You Tired of My Snow Posts Yet?

It snowed again.  Last Monday Becci came running into my room telling me it was snowing again, so we watched it fall from the windows, and then I went back to homework.  Later, Mariko called me to say it was snowing, and I told her “Yeah, I know, I saw.”  But she said “No, Alysse, […]

Global Warming

Our ball turned out to be a success.  We made about $500 profit and everyone had a lot of fun.The night before the ball we all performed a short dance to each of the dorms, singing to Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” but with our own informative lyrics.  Here are some pictures of that, as […]

Real Snow This Time!

Last night the weather reports all said we would be getting snow starting sometime between midnight and three in the morning.  But we got rain instead.  So I went to bed a bit bummed, and woke up as normal.  But when I looked out my window, this is what I did:P.S. Don’t make fun of […]


Preparing for this ball is a lot of work, but I am having so much fun with it.  I’ve been spending all my time either advertising, decorating, or studying, but the balance is keeping me upbeat.At about 8:30 tonight all the tenants of Global House were drawn from their rooms (even me, on the top […]

From Maids to Volcanoes

As promised, I’m here to fill you in on my trip to a maid cafe.Maid cafes are… well… cafes, and they are staffed by girls dressed as maids.  They are supposed to have a very cutesy feel to them, and the service is supposed to be very hands on and equally cutesy.  I went with […]

Pregnant Fish and a Mountain of Memories

I ate a pregnant fish today. It was actually quite tasty.  My friend, Kaori, gave me one, and I was hesitant because it was a full fish, from head to fin, but once I got over the fact that I was, in fact, chewing on a head, I noticed the pleasant taste.  I wonder what […]

Winter is Here!

One of the most exciting things about living in Japan for a year, to me, is that I will finally get to experience four full seasons.  Summer was nice, beautiful, much too hot, but enjoyable nonetheless.  Fall has just been a jaw droppingly beautiful thing to experience (I could go on forever about these vibrant […]