What Not To Do In Japan

Dear world,Please, whatever you do, do not get seriously ill in Japan.  Should you realize one day that you are not feeling quite up to par, you will not receive any real help from the doctors here in Japan.  They will either tell you that you are not ill at all, or that you are […]

The Imperial Palace

Quite a while ago I went to the Imperial Palace grounds with a few friends for our Contemporary Japan class.  The class requires us to visit a different part of Tokyo each weekend and do “field work” so that at the end of every third week we can pick one place or monument and write […]

Tea Ceremony

The last official cultural program we got to take part in was a tea ceremony.  ICU has an area of the campus specifically designated to tea ceremonies, with two small, traditional buildings.  Unfortunately, one of the two was deemed unsafe for entry after the earthquake, but I am very glad I was able to see […]

Shorinji Kempo

During our last week of cultural programs, I went to a nearby dojo where a Shorinji Kempo class is taught every week.  The whole group of ICU students who went were able to join in on a class and learn the basics.  The dojo was very simple, traditional, and small, and the format of the […]

Zori Making

We spent the last two days after classes learning to make a traditional Japanese shoe.  They are made by hand to be about a centimeter too small for your feet, and are generally worn with kimono.  We made ours using only rope, some foam-like tubing, fabric, our own hands, and a sort of wooden needle […]


The day after the Nihon Buyo event, we got to go see a Kabuki performance.  The journey there was quite an interesting one.  We were in the middle of a typhoon (not a bad one, but a typhoon, nonetheless) which means there was rain and wind.  Luckily, we didn’t get it as badly as we […]

Nihon Buyo

As I said before, I had forgotten my cameras for the Nihon Buyo event, so I apologize that the videos don’t show much of the dances; they’re what I could get.  I’ve learned that people are very unwilling to walk into their rooms and produce a SDcard, flash drive, or anything of that sort with […]