We were told that rush hour is “hell” to be in (yes, he said “hell”) so we’re waiting to head out until 9:00, and even though I already posted recently, I figured I would post again, because nobody can stop me!
We went to the complimentary breakfast at our hotel, and, essentially, Japan rocks.  For breakfast I had:
– what seemed to be bean sprouts and corn covered lightly in a mayonnaise cream sauce (sounds gross, I know, but that’s what it tasted like and it was GOOD)
– a little piece of fish
– some kind of noodles
– two bowls of rice with what I think were a billion teeny tiny shrimpies, and something else that tasted like little salty-sour plums (VERY salty-sour)
– plain yogurt with bananas (bananas and chopsticks are not friends)