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The Bare Necessities

I’ve gotten rid of everything I don’t love or need, and I’ve put all except the bare necessities into storage.  Big thanks to my mom and friends for helping me hoist my furniture and almost everything I own down my apartment stairs, into a truck and two SUVs, back out of the vehicles, and up […]

Packing for Ireland in September

I prefer not to check luggage when I travel.  I pack a carry on and a personal item, which means limited space for clothing.  Any and every source will recommend packing interchangeable items that can create multiple outfits, and of course you want to view the weather forecasts for your destination.  But, I thought it […]

“…In the World!”

Ireland is like a dream.  The moment I came home I wanted to turn around and go straight back, but then again I knew I was going to fall in love with this country.  Ireland had been very high on my travel wishlist for a long time, for many reasons.  I am obsessed with greenery, […]

Kanarraville Falls

I drove to Utah on Friday, and realized it was the first time I’d ever driven out of state on my own.  I’ve done the drive plenty of times in the passenger seat, but taking the wheel gave me a good taste of what my future travels will do to my backside.  It took me […]

Is It Crunch Time Already?

I knew I needed to get my butt in gear early because the final months leading up to move out/move in were going to be hectic. Of course, I didn’t get my butt in gear and now it’s August and I’m kind of overwhelmed. Just like I knew would happen. *face palm* The lease on […]

It’s Not All Whimsy

I would like to explore the idea of “wanderlust” and what it truly means, as a movement.  When you think of wanderlust, you probably think of exciting vacations, Tumblr blogs filled with stunning landscape and cityscape images from across the world, airplane tickets and inked-up passport books.  The term invokes an incredible feeling of whimsy, […]

The Mission Revived

This blog has been dormant for too long.  I’ve tried to write a few posts since returning back to America from Japan, but I couldn’t figure out why I never kept up with it.  I love to travel and explore, and I love to write, so what was the problem? When I created this blog […]

10 Items to Improve Your Adventure

aka: Ten Things You Should Definitely Pack, but Might Not Have Thought About In no particular order, all of these items need to find their way into your luggage or backpack no matter what type of adventure you are setting out on.  If you are camping, hiking, backpacking, road tripping, visiting a city, on a […]

Directory: Useful Japan Posts

For those of you who are here in search of information about either ICU or Japan as a whole, below are a few lists of posts that you may find helpful. You can find a complete list of the posts on this blog in the right sidebar, but I assume most of my visitors would […]