Are You Tired of My Snow Posts Yet?

It snowed again.  Last Monday Becci came running into my room telling me it was snowing again, so we watched it fall from the windows, and then I went back to homework.  Later, Mariko called me to say it was snowing, and I told her “Yeah, I know, I saw.”  But she said “No, Alysse, it’s SNOWING!  Let’s go outside!” so I got up to go see it again.  But when I looked out the window I realized it really was SNOWING.  It was sticking everywhere, not just on dirt and plants.  So we abandoned homework and set out to Bakayama, and there was enough for us to go have a huge snowball fight in!  Soon more Global House residents came, followed by people from all over campus.  This is the first time in my life I’ve had a real, big snowball fight, and let me tell you, a good snowball thrown right really stings!  There were probably about 30 students throwing snowballs at each other, sometimes just within groups of friends, and sometimes groups pitting against each other.  We even brought out a sled and rode down the hills.  Later we decided to trek over to the pretty traditional style tea house here on campus where tea ceremonies are held, throwing snowballs at our friends’ windows along the way.

The lighting was really strange when we got there, so these pictures all came out looking like something from your great great grandparents’ photo album, but I actually really like them.

I found this guy a few days later.