A Day In My Life

I filmed this a while ago (October 20th, to be exact) so my daily life is different now.  But, my video camera records in .MOV, which is a completely useless file type unless you have a Mac computer, so I have been figuring out how to convert them up until now.  But, converting the files created a lot of corruptions, so then I had to go and try to cut them all out (you will see that I most definitely did not do this successfully) and actually create the video.  So, here’s my life from Autumn quarter.
The corruptions that you can just skip over are between 6:19 – 8:50, 13:39 – 14:14, 14:46 – 15:03, 16:56 – 17:28, and 18:00 – 18:18.
I put more time and effort into this thing than it was worth and I don’t even care to go back and fix those parts now.  But all you missed was the inside of the dining commons and my walk back into my dorm, and then my egg and toast dinner, and the explanation about what we were freaking out about, which was that someone (later figured out to have been two guys from the dorm) had turned off the lights in the hallway, run by wearing all black, and shut the door on us, successfully scaring us all.

There are also a few things I thought I should clarify/correct about what I say in this video.
– The “sakura trees” that I walk under in front of Honkan at the beginning of the video are not actually sakura.  I was mistaken; they are ume (plum) trees.  The sakura trees on campus are at the front entrance.  The ume trees bloom about a week or two before the sakura, but are almost as beautiful
– The reason it is called “bakayama,” or idiot mountain, is because when the weather gets really nice in the spring time everyone skips class and lays out in the sun on bakayama, so they are not being educated and are idiots laying about the “mountain.”