A Full Circle

As the end of my time here approaches, I’m having mixed feelings.  I remember when I could barely believe I’d been here for a full month, and now I can barely believe I only have one month left. Studying abroad is an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life and then some. […]

Monetized on Youtube

Something pretty exciting happened to me today.  I got an email from Youtube informing me that my account had been getting enough views to be eligible for partnership.  Now there will be advertisements before and during some of my videos.  I know ads kind of suck, but I may actually be able to make a […]

April Birthdays and Other Happy Happenings

Something I forgot to mention in my video was that starting next week my dorm will be playing a game of Assassins.  So me and my friends decided to make a little movie trailer for it, just for fun (and because we didn’t feel like studying).  The trailer is below the vlog.Keep your fingers crossed […]