Meals I Can Make: Okonomiyaki

Well, maybe this one should be titled “Meals I Can Almost Make.”  I made okonomiyaki for myself and it almost entirely fell apart when I transferred it onto my plate.  But, I have to say it still tastes absolutely amazing.I coated a pan with olive oil (I think my problem was that I didn’t use […]

Meals I Can Make: Shrimpy Rice

This is an easy meal that I make quite often.  I usually have some rice to make, which in a rice cooker takes 30 minutes, but once I cook it I can save some for microwaving later.  So, as long as I have either some leftover rice or a pre-packaged microwaveable rice dish (they sell […]

Sunset Sky

Tonight Olivia and I caught the last of a beautiful pink and orange sunset sky right above campus.  We ran outside to take pictures/video, and I’m so glad we did because within less than a minute it had gone away.  I thought I would share it with you.

Money: ¥

I thought I would  share with you what exactly Japanese currency looks like, just because.  I’m just going to dive right into it, but first I want to mention a few things worth noting: It’s name: “yen,” however, in Japan we pronounce it “en”The symbol:¥The exchange rate: horrible 1¥ front. 1¥ back. 5¥ front. 5¥ […]

Okashi: 2 – And Groceries!

Do you remember that post I did way back in the beginning of my Japan adventure called “Okashi”?  Well, here is the next one, as promised.  I went grocery shopping recently and decided to show you everything I bought, in addition to the few okashi pictures I had been saving up.  Some of these things […]

I’ve Squeezed in Some Fun, Too

As I say time and time again, I am kept pretty busy here.  But, being a 20 year old college girl in one of the best cities in one of the best foreign countries with lots of great friends, I have fun when I can.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve done fun stuff […]

The Imperial Palace

Quite a while ago I went to the Imperial Palace grounds with a few friends for our Contemporary Japan class.  The class requires us to visit a different part of Tokyo each weekend and do “field work” so that at the end of every third week we can pick one place or monument and write […]

Hisashiburi, ne?

“Hisashiburi” means “it’s been a long time” in Japanese.  “Ne?” is an expression kind of translating to “right?”I’ve gotten back into the swing of college with homework, essays, quizzes (almost daily), and tests, and it’s really sucked up my time.  But I am doing great.The weather has been getting nice here, just the way I […]