When they said there are mosquitoes here, they meant it.Two legs, 30 bites.  No joke.  Time to break out the bug spray.While waiting for the bus last night I saw one on my leg and swatted it.  It exploded blood all over my leg.  It was kinda creepy but also really neat.


Touch screen menu/ordering system I went to Shibuya yesterday with Melissa and Eduardo.  It’s essentially the biggest, best, most amazing, drool-worthy, and expensive shopping district ever.  I didn’t take too many pictures, because I was still a little tired from the night before, and I know I’ll be going back sometime.  The shopping areas were […]


Life lesson:When you go to the store in Japan, you might want to buy yourself some green leafy vegetables so you can stay healthy and strong.  When you reach the green leafy vegetables aisle, you might realize you can’t read any of the names of the vegetables.  When you realize this, you might just grab […]


Last night was hectic, exhilarating, and exhausting.  People always say getting lost is the best way to explore unknown territory, and while I didn’t exactly get lost, I was on my own more than I ever have been before. During the day, we had class (Friday, woo-hoo!) and then an orientation for UC schools.  After […]

Learning and Living Japanese

I expected to place in to level 2 Japanese, but I am in level 3.  It’s not very difficult, and I’ve learned everything we’ve gone over so far already, but since I forget vocabulary really quickly and also don’t retain most grammar points, this level is good for me.  Not to mention the fact that […]

Cell Phone

Just so you all know, I won’t be getting a phone until I’m 20.  The way it works here is you can’t get your own phone until you are a legal adult (20) unless your mom or dad comes in to set it up with you.  So, mom, dad, unless you plan to head over […]

Death Traps and Nekos and Travel. Oh, my!

Today was a true adventure.We took our placement exams this morning, and most people here seem to be on a similar level, give or take.  I, personally, was able to answer probably half of the questions, total.  The exam was three parts: 45 min, 35 min, and 30 min each.  Our placements will be posted […]