No Culture Shock, Plenty of Cost Shock

Even with the amount of preparation I did, filling out paperwork, doing research, budgeting, and planning, I still managed to underestimate the costs of living abroad in Japan.  It has been a big shock, a little difficult, and quite stressful, but I guess I just need to go back and budget one more time (after […]

The Perilous Journey of Keitai

I decided to finally just brave it out and get myself a Keitai (cell phone).  On the way out I asked one of my dorm managers and one of the helpers (Yutaka) to help me find out if there were any English speakers at the place I planned to go.  It’s a good thing I […]

Sorry, I’m Not Coming Back

I went to a ramen shop and ate real ramen for the first time in my life.I will never be able to live without it ever again.  It is one of the top five most delicious things I have ever tasted.  I got so full off of half the bowl but kept eating because it […]

A Very Harajuku Birthday to Me!

Yesterday (my Japanese birthday) I went to Harajuku (another fashion district) with some friends.  I wasn’t so focused on documenting it because I just wanted to have fun.  Laura took some pictures, and when I get them I will update this post with them, so if you care to see them, keep checking back. EDIT: […]

Tachikawa Bosaikan

On Wednesday all of the UC exchange students were required to take a trip to Tachikawa Bosaikan, which is a fire station that has a building called the Life Safety Learning Center.  A few guides show you around and you learn all about different possible disasters (notably earthquakes and fires) and how to keep yourself […]

Osawadai Elementary School

Just a short (15 minute) walk from campus there is an elementary school, and I was one of the people who visited it today.  When we first walked in, we saw a bike rack… full of unicycles!?  Two steps into their territory and Japanese children are already proving their superiority over me.  We walked into […]

Cooking is fun!

Dinner Fried tofu, topped with chicken, mushrooms, and onion, all which were simmered in soy sauce, honey, and oil.  Easy and delicious!